Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Saturday the 19th The Library is having a Con. I think I'll go.

One thing down.

Gotta think about next month's finances.

And October's.

So many things are coming at me. I don't know how I'm going to get everything kosher.

September I got to also take my cat to the Vet for his yearly check-up as per Housing Regs. I might have to get him shots this time. So that's extra.

And I got to pay my fines, taxes, and business stuff next month.

As I said lots of things coming at me.

October is Ozark Indie Book Fest.  I got a half table for the exhibition hall and small half box of books. I'm going to have to have some money to eat lunch for those two days.  There's a costume party Saturday night and I wonder if it will cost extra.  On the website it don't say. 

I put one of my dragon stories progress meter here as you can see at the bottom of the page. I'm going to work on it off and on while I write Deadly Flames, the second book in my vacation companion series.  Sometimes I get stuck in writing and need to clear my mind and this will do. 

Still don't know what to do with this blog.  So I'm just chattin'.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


As you can see I messed around with this blog.

I still don't know what I want to do here.  I'm still just gliding along. 

I finished the Beverly Connor books I have. There's two more of her Diane Fallon ones I don't have yet but I really enjoy the seven I do. 

Just this week I went through my books and got rid of quite a few. I kept Connor's, Poirot, Holmes, The Count of Monte Cristo, and a couple of The Warlock In Spite of Himself books since they're my favs. I also have two Pern omnibuses, four Star Commando books, a few Andre Norton books, some supernatural romance, and a handful of horror books.  Streamlined my larger bookcase.

I had already gotten rid of all but the two upright bookcases and a smaller 2-shelfer.  

I have my author copies of my four books on a self of the second upright bookcase.

My two story idea diaries are in the smaller 2-shelfer next to my bed so I can write any dream down that might make a good story.

And my headboard is a bookcase.

So I got enough space for new books now.

I'll have to look up some books I've wanted on amazon. May be I can get them this time.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why this blog

This entry is just a bit of chatter to start it off.

I felt the urge to start another blog. Maybe I'll put my other books here. The ones with my sci-fi and dragon themes. 

Or maybe I'll just chatter. :)

I really don't know why I started this blog. It's not as if I don't dutifully write in my main book blog every week and I publish Toby's pics when he does something interesting.  The Alliance blog just sits there since I'm not writing anything in that bit right now.  So I really don't need another blog.

I was just going through words and stellar came up. I clicked on it and sidereal appeared. Another click and voila sidereal time. Then the click was in my head and I had to set this up.

A compulsion almost.

Maybe something's coming.

Anyway, I got a new blog. :)