Monday, June 11, 2018

Brief Note

Been reading . Catching up on my to-read list.  And my fan fiction.

Computer still in shop.

Also been scribbling new story ideas.  The computer has sure spoiled me. Old school writing just don't do justice. I can't seem to flow. .

 I got at least a month or more before I get my computer back.

Mine is tight as always.

Hopefully I can get another book out by October.  I wanted to get two more out but that looks like it's not happening.

Unless I release the dragon book. It's done except for the final edit.

And Toby's book.

Lots to think about, and lots of time to do it in.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Bit about my EV series

My Elemental Voice series books are supposed to be written by my character Jaci from my Mortal Voice series.

That is why they are written like they are. Kind of kinky and campy.

I probably should have done the Mortal Voice book first, right after Earth Reader. But some readers wanted the next book in the EV series so I did Fire Walker.

And it spiraled from there.

I got five faithful readers of the EV series. They love the fast-paced read my books give them, and they all agree they're too short. :) 

The EV series has vampires and their blood science because that is what Jaci's readers would want to read. It is set in a version of today's society where vampires live next door and psychics help the police, a parallel universe of Jaci's dream world. They are to be taken lightly, as fun little stories that my Jaci character wrote. As I've said before they are written the way they are for a reason.

Mortal Voice is the more serious series. 

So give MV a try on KU.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


I did this on

I just finished using it in some of the FB groups to drum up some KU business. Catch up time. I'm half way finished with Deadly Flames so it will be out soon.

My bookshelves are kind of bare since I got rid of a lot of my books when I was living in the other place and when I moved. I didn't want to clutter the new place up right away with my ragged old books. I had had a lot of my books for a long time and they were showing the wear so I decided I'd get new(er) version of the books when I could.

I also don't have much books on writing. I have to get them from the used bookstores and they don't always have good selections. There are two writer's handbooks and one old writer's market on the shelve. plus a dictionary and the name book. Also there is my story idea journals and my own books.I also have two years worth of Writer's Digest magazines.  Recently I got Mystery Writer's Handbook by the MWA to add to my collection.

A lot of my reading about writing had been library books. There are a lot of good books out there, but when you lose your library privileges you cut down on what you can get. So back to the used bookstores.

I love used bookstores. I love books.

When I go to used bookstores I can spend hours just wandering around. It's even better if I can actually buy something! :)

But I do sometimes just go to a used bookstore to be surrounded by books. To smell them. I probably will never have a house with a library so this is the closest I can come. The public library is nice but it just doesn't smell or feel the same as a used bookstore or personal library does. Too many people and too new of a smell and look.

At flea markets the stalls with books keep me longer.  A yard sale with boxes of books also keeps my attention longer.

Books are just my thing. I can't get enough of them. Sometimes I go on reading binges and hardly pay attention to the outside world.  Writing sometimes does that to me too. I get so wrapped up that I ignore everything but the words in front of me.

I would love to own a used bookstore. I don't know if I'd be able to sell the books though. I'd be like selling my own kids. Which come to think of it, if they were like my cousins I might. :) 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Marketing &zilch

Last couple of days I've been marketing Earth Reader on facebook.

It's been free. I set it up to celebrate the release of Mortal Voice. I wanted to make sure everyone had the chance to read my first book. It had taken me years to get it done and I'm proud of it. Though there are changes I would make, little ones. I think we all have that when we publish a book and look at it later.

I got that book signing set up for May 5th too.

Over eighty-two people took advantage of the promotion so far. That's the most I've ever had. I hope some of them do reviews.

Should I say 'good' reviews?  :)

I wouldn't mind them getting the other books in the series as well.

Marketing or advertising is hard work, let me tell you. I went through twelve to fifteen facebook groups, putting up a 'flyer'.  And I'm going to do it all over again with Mortal Voice once I get a 'flyer' done on or I'll just do a link like I've been doing the last two days. It's a little easier that way.

This is one of the 'flyers' I made on when MV first came out. Grabs your attention doesn't it?

Or maybe just the link and preview from Amazon. It's hard to decide what and how you want to market when you are limited by finances. For right now I'm limited to facebook as I got zero dinaroes.

 Well, and the signing.

Book signings are good ways to at least get your name out there. I plan to hand out a lot of my business cards. With the popularity of ebooks, I might get some of the customers to order online even it they don't want to buy a hard copy right then.  And I'm having my second book Fire Walker free for that weekend on Kindle.


Toby is also having a book at this signing. Only 2 left. I had them made at UPS store. If you want one bring a small bag of Meow mix cat food. Toby has no use for money but he sure loves his cat food. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Work & "free time"

There's no such thing as "free time".

When you're not working at work, you're working at home. Cleaning, making dinner, laundry and running errands take up much of this so called "free time".  How can you call that "Free"?

I'm working a minimum at my work because it is stressful due to being short-handed all the time. And they haven't hired anyone and are unlikely to do so. So I have more time at home than most. But that doesn't mean I don't work.

Writing is work.  Don't let anyone tell you different.

Before you start you have research. No matter what type of book you are writing there is always research. That research goes into a book bible that you use as reference. 

Then there's the writing itself. Unless you're a magical wordsmith, the words won't just flow straight from your mind to the page. You will spend hours in front of a computer, getting carpal tunnel syndrome, and eye-strain headaches, trying to get it just right. Once the book is finished there's still work to do.

Meanwhile there's household chores to do. They don't magically go away cause you're working on the 'Great American Novel'.

"Free time" is like discretionary income: a fantasy that normal people want to have

Monday, April 2, 2018


I'm having a book signing on Cinco de Mayo and here's the link to the newsletter from ABC books.

I should have my new book out and ready. 

Mortal Voice is the first of a trio of books. I only have three planned but one never knows what the future holds. So I'm going to leave the third book open-ended.

So a spoiler of a sort!

I will have only a few of my older books at the book signing. I usually don't keep a lot on hand most of the time because I'm limited in storage space. But I should have a lot of the new book.

So come see me the 5th of May at ABC Books...

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

a drough


It seems to move at different rates depending on what you're doing.

When I work on my books the day seems timeless. Time may pass in my book but in real life only a few minutes or an hour has passed, not the time I've written.

The same with reading.

When I'm blocked time passes so slowly. I look at the clock more than the blank page. But when I'm rolling, an hour can pass in what seems a minute.

I never feel as if I have enough time. Real life i.e. making money/Job interferes with my writing time. If only I could make money at writing. :)

Anyway I've rearranged my life a bit. I cut my work hours and set myself more time in front of the computer to write. Money has always been tight, but now I have to stick to my budget or else.

No more splurging on lotto tickets out of the food budget. I'm tired of running out of things.  But I'm addicted and once I start I can't stop so I have to cut it cold turkey. I might have to go back to Gambler's An meetings again.

Anyway, Time

I'm going to be fifty next year and it got me thinking. I need to get my life in order and spend my time wisely. One never knows how much time one has on this earth.  You shouldn't waste it with regrets. You can't change the past, but you can shape the future how you want it.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Book Signings & Revisions

It was much neater when I had only two books to display.

I now have four and another on the way.

As you can see my design hasn't changed.

Just the number of books and business cards

I have debated on whether to change my table design or not. I'm still thinking about that because although this one is a bit cluttered I like the design. So I'm thinking about just setting it up with two books, and just have the others available.

I figure Earth Reader and the new book Mortal Voice set up and the others laid out in the urn. I think that will look good. Showcase the first books of the two series.
All of the books out and displayed just seems too cluttered. I much prefer the two book display. With the urn out I can put the other books in it and it won't seem crowded. And the emphasis will be on the first two books.
 I like that Idea.
Book signings are great ways to showcase and advertise a new book. Which what I plan to do.
Mortal Voice
The main characters, Jaci Travers and Paul Rooney, run Necro-Covery which searches for the missing, presumed dead. Paul is a PI, but Jaci has a unique gift: The Earth talks to her like a gossip to her coffeklatch. This gift allows Jaci to find the missing, the hidden.
I threw a Bones trick in there; Jaci writes my Elemental Voice series. I liked that idea and had planned it when I first wrote Earth Reader. ER is a supernatural fantasy that Jaci would like the world to be. Actually I had planned to write ER, then Mortal Voice before Fire Walker, but I had readers who wanted the next book in the series so I just set MV aside. It had a different name then and was slightly different in nature.
But that's what revision is for.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Closet Pack Rat 3

This week I went through most of the stuff from my closet, the one bin and the two of the boxes and cleaned them out.

My cat decided he didn't like what I was doing and threw up in one of my shoes in the closet. Shows you what a cat will do when he's not happy.

I was paying more attention to my stuff than him.

I also went through some of my story stuff and he didn't like that either and sat on top of some of it in protest.

He's a good cat but he does not like to be ignored. Him ignoring people is fine but not the other way around. So I need to put petting into my cleaning schedule.

I still have cleaning to do, but the obsessive part has calmed down so I'll do a little at a time now.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Closet pack rat 2

This is what I've done so far.

All my clothes are hanging up. No piles on the shelf

What is one the shelf has been gone through and sorted. The bins are next  What is in the bins needs to be sorted and put in my old toy box so I can get rid of the bins.

I've been on this organize/ rearrange kick.

Last Saturday I did this to my closet, then worked all day Sunday, before building and organizing Bookcases in my bedroom Monday. Tuesday, I redesigned my office area. Wednesday and Thursday I went through some papers, then reconfigured my office again. And I'm going to go through more papers today.

I'm going to spend the rest of this week going through my 'shit' and get it together. I want my apartment to reflect an organized person. Someone who can get things done. I'm tired of my apartment looking cluttered and having people make comments they think I don't hear.

My mental illness made it hard for me to do my former apartment, but this time I can catch it before it gets bad and I'll keep it up this time once I get it done.  I determined to not be kicked out because I'm overwhelmed. 

Clutter you're not getting me again.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lave life

This is what I was doing Monday.

I put the bookcases together and set them up.

I organized most of the closet Saturday, worked Sunday, then did this corner of the bedroom Monday.

As I said in a previous blog entry, organizing life is similar to organizing a closet. So I did that then decided the rest of the apartment needed organizing as well.

Organize your home and life may fall into place as well.

At least it's worth a try. :)

I'm going to do one room at a time or at least part of a room at a time as finances permit.

Some of the organizing is free, just some time and elbow grease. That's all that's left of the closet, just a bit of elbow grease. What does back in besides the clothes and where does it go?  The one closet is the only storage space I got. So everything gets shoved in there.

And my bookcases were disordered. Some of the books were laying on their sides because they were too big for the shelves. Now they all fit and I even have extra space for knick-knacks.

So maybe once my apartment is in order, my life may become so as well.