Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holiday season

The Santa Clause and the first Die Hard are old standbys. It's not Christmas until I see these two movies.

I can recite certain parts of Die Hard from memory and just hearing certain parts of Santa Clause, I can tell what's happening on screen  with my eyes closed.

I had them for years then I got rid of a lot of my DVDs. I kept only my Gamera movies because they were hard to find.

I plan to buy back these two movies. As I said, it's not Christmas without them. The snappy one-liners and inside jokes keep you entertained and smiling.

I don't have a tree nor do I really decorate. I take pictures of my cat with Christmas items and put them on FB, but I only hang a wreath on my door.I give cards and set the cards I receive on a cabinet door, but no tree or garland   Christmas is more a feeling than a physical thing to me. Don't need a tree or physical things to promote the feeling of giving.

Side note:

Who or what is Gamera, you ask?

Why he's a giant flying turtle!   :)

My friend Travis likes Godzilla, I like Gamera. Of course, like is a relative word. We are more obsessed. Him more than me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Well, I cleaned my desk up a bit.

As long as I'm working on a book though it won't stay clean. I always have scraps of paper lying around with notes on them that I jot down for remembering later. Though I do gather them up and put them in the story bible for better referencing, but I never quite get rid of the scraps.

I also straightened up the hand-written notes in the crate. But I know better than to start reading them. I'd go off on a tangent and never get Mortal Voice or any other book done!

My apartment is still a mess from my move. I'm slow to unpack and put away unless it has something to do with my books or food. You can see where my priorities are! :)

I'm taking a break from writing right now.

I'm in the sixth week of my online college course. I should be studying today but I took Christmas pictures of my cat and worked on Mortal Voice instead this morning. A compulsion to finish Mortal Voice is running me. I don't know why. The cover is beautiful as is the cover for the second book.

Yes, I already have a cover for the second book.

Deadly Flames and Under the Dragon's Tail will get done next year. I'm going to finish my Elemental books and start the Fallborn series. I made myself a promise to finish them and I will. Though it won't be by my Fiftieth birthday like I wanted.

Monday, November 20, 2017

To organize or not to organize

That is the question!

When I write I am very disorganized. I have things spread out all over the place. Notes and research everywhere. I hop  from one piece to another.

But I like my stuff where I can find it.

I live more in my head than in the outside world and my apartment shows it most times. I have "junk" everywhere. But since I've moved that "junk" has shrunk!

I threw away all my early attempts at writing. They were very silly and naïve. Mom only read romances but they weren't explicit and some of them were silly themselves. I threw away everything I wrote when I was a teenager except a few poems that I still had. Every time I move I lose something anyway so I decided I'll choose this time! :)

So I got one crate full of hand-written stories left besides the ones I entered into the computer. These along with the ideas that come to me should keep me busy for a long time.

I organized my reference material as well as the writing magazines I kept in a bookshelf cabinet next to my desk. When I get more material I can reorganize it, but it's adequate for now.

The crate is just stuffed with my writing ideas and chapters. No rhyme or reason. I straightened them up a bit but it's still a bit messy.

And my desk. Well, it's got stuff shoved everywhere. I need to straighten it up.

Does the state of one's surroundings impinge on one's writing?  Or can one be so absorbed in the writing that surroundings don't matter? 

To me the physical state around me doesn't matter, though sound does. I have two cds that I play when I write. If other noises come upon me I lose my concentration and train of thought.  I can have the TV on if it's a show I've already seen and I can still write, but if it's a new show I got to stop writing.

Monday, November 6, 2017

A piece of thought

I changed my main blog around a bit.

I  also changed my book link here as well and added a different graphic under the main one. The link pic is supposed to be the back of the main female character for Mortal Voice while the graphic is death's time clock.  I couldn't concentrate on anything else that day so I messed around with the blogs and did a cover for Mortal Voice.

When I get restless but am broke I get online and mess around a bit. Either by writing in the blogs or making covers for some of the books I started. I have over thirty books started on my computer so I can work on one or two and still have a lot to work with the next time I get restless.  Unfortunately I sometimes make more than one cover and have trouble deciding which one I like best. :)

 I found my computer fan so my computer is now sitting on it and shouldn't overheat. I had packed it away when I moved and forgot about it. It should keep my computer running longer.

I got the four Fallborn books' covers done. Fallborn are dragon books that are probably gonna be rated PG13 as there is no sex and the most they do is hug or hold each other. I'm thinking YA maybe? I don't know  They're set in different worlds.

I also have two dragon stories set in our world or at least a parallel world. The bond is sexual in both so... Anyway I don't have covers for them yet. I don't even have titles for them, just a few scenes.

There are two related series about time-lost people and an alien race whose descendants are coming back into their own.  I don't have covers for them yet either. It's hard to find free sci-fi pics that I like that fit the stories.

I'll look some more today for free pics. Maybe they'll have new stuff up.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

bit of Prattle

I'm working on two books right now and starting online college.

My plate is definitely full.

I started Under the Dragon's Tail years ago with  join writing sessions with my friend Travis. We both started our dragon books and wrote in our free time in his apartment to minimize distractions. He eventually finished, but I did not, and he published the first draft with a self-pub company, not completely satisfied with it but wanting to get his book out there.

Tail or Messenger as it was called then was put aside and I worked on putting some of my books into my computer and on disk. I also put like minded ideas together and got rid of some of my childish works. Lots of my teen story ideas didn't make the cut. I was so naïve and silly. 

Those that made the cut got put in a milk crate and were beginning to be put in my computer.  I got about thirty or so in before I heard about the local book writing clubs. I joined all three and asked for Saturdays off from work so I could attend them.

After a few months I decided to pick a book and work on it. There was a self-publisher in the groups and I decided to go for it. At least to get one of my books published so I could say I was published.

Thus Earth Reader.

Now with three more books under my belt, I can say I enjoy writing, though I enjoy the after better. :)

Earth Reader, Fire Walker, Water Ferrier, and Deadly Sands.

The first three are the main series and Deadly Sands is a companion vacation series to the main. I have a few different Voice Series I plan to write as well once these are done. Mortal Voice where there is also dragons is about an earth reader who opens an agency that helps find dead bodies and other things. There is also a story about a earth reader who helps a clan of Weres.

I also have a few dragon books set in different worlds including our own. Tail is only one of them and set in a world where mental powers are prevalent. Think sort of like Darkover before the Terrans came.

I plan to have either Tail or Deadly Flames out by April. There's a ebook I think will come out before then called Z is for Ghoul. It's my bit of babble on Zombies.

 Toby might have his book out before then too. I don't know. He hasn't earned enough money yet. :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

OIBF set-up

This is my set-up.

Toby's little book got a front view. People thought it was cute.

Hugh Flowers and I shared a table both at the Conference Center and at The Library Center.

I gave signed Swag to a couple of people. Maybe my name will get out there.

Monday, October 23, 2017


The Ozark Indie Book Fest didn't turn out like expected. I'm not going into it, but I and others were disappointed.

Let's just say Things happened and we didn't have the full experience that we paid for or expected.

So that's enough of that.

I'm going to go back to working on Deadly Flames and pretend this week didn't exist except as a vacation from work.

I also start online courses this week. We'll see how that goes.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

My version of Twitter

I got my business cards.

Seems they were at the local UPS store. They were about to be shipped back. Good thing I found that email. Next I'll check all my emails and not just my yahoo account.

Book Fest is closer. 14 days.

I handed out a few and the people I gave them to said they were nice cards. I did them myself on

I do my book covers on Canva as well. I like their site. You can do lots of things there.

I also got my hair cut. It was getting long so I had it cut in what used to be called a Duck Tail. I don't know if they still call it that or not but I've got complements. The back is cut in a v shape and the sides are short with a bit of bang in front.

I'm going to be broke when the Fest is here. So either PB&J or chicken salad sandwiches for me.  I wanted to say at the hotel but I also didn't want to uproot my cat again.  Leaving him for the time I'll be at the Fest is bad enough, though he's used to me being gone all day Sundays but I didn't want to add being in a strange place to me being gone. And the money thing. NO MONEY=No HOTEL.

I'm thinking about doing a raffle for the Fest. More about that on my book blog.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Well, I'm waiting on the business cards from Vista Print.

They said 7 to 10 days and today was the 10th day. I can't find the email that they sent. So maybe a hacker got me? Who knows? Money was taken out so...

My internet connection is weak right now since it's the end of my cycle and all my 4GTE is gone. I tried to watch the live video on the Book Fest Facebook page and it kept buffering/stalling. So I quit watching.

Anyway the Book Fest is getting closer. 21 days.

So all I'm doing right now is waiting.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Writing Area

So here it is my new writing area in my new apartment.

I still got to get it in some order but everything is together. My story ideas are in the crate, the business stuff is in the file holder and misc. is in the bin under the desk.

And a jar of peanuts is  waiting for that midnight craving.

The office is in a corner of the living room/kitchen area.  So lots of distractions but not enough room in the bedroom for the desk.  Not that my bookcases/books are distractions as well in the bedroom. :)

My cat Toby is still getting used to the new apartment and sometimes jumps up into my lap for some loving attention. I think he thought I was leaving him when I moved as he was the last to be taken to the new place.

Ozark's Book Fest is getting closer. I'm just glad I moved before it happened. I don't think I could handle both at once.  I had a little money so I ordered business cards from VistaPrint. My old ones are so out of date and not very attractive. I love the design on the front but the back was bad.  However both cards will be on my table at the Book Fest.

I decided on a costume for the Book Character Party. It's a supporting character in a series of books I read years ago. I don't think anyone will figure out who she is. Though she was the main character's Doctor Watson in the books.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Idle hands

Well, I like this theme better for the blog.

I put one of my short poem stories here. A Visit Home. I wrote it about 8 years ago. It was parse and parsel with a longer story that I wanted to turn into a series. The longer story Along Silence is unfinished of course. One of my sci-fi's. Look under pages for link.

I also have a series (the Timelost) that is associated with said story that is made up of standalone stories.  More of my Sci-fi's.

My hands were idle to I messed with this blog. You know what is said about idle hands. :)

For the Ozark Indie book fest I was thinking about getting new business cards and maybe one other promotional item.  There are some nice looking pens as well as some key chains. I don't know which but right now I'm leaning toward the pens and key chains. Or maybe just a bunch of pens. 

The book party is not extra but comes with two day tickets and author table.  So I got to figure out who I want to be.  Book character. Hmmmmm.

I think I'll call this my idle blog.  :)