Thursday, February 22, 2018

Redolence of me

When I get new things, I got an inquiring mind.

He spent a whole hour exploring the toolbox, smelling it and climbing all over it. No doubt putting his own scent on it to incorporate it into our home.

I do something similar when I do my books.

Once I get the proofs I go wild. One proof goes to my proofreader, but one is mine. I paw it like it's made of the softest material ever and hug it like it's a long lost cousin. I even smell it!

No matter how many books I publish, each one is like the first.

I re-read the book before putting it on the bookshelf.

I run my fingers across the books and give them a pat every time I pass the shelf. Being published never gets old.

When I get my first batch of books, I pick up each of the books and smell it, running a hand down the cover. I guess I'm like Toby and want to put my scent on that first batch. Saying that these are mine.

The batches after that only get a pat as I remove them from the delivery box. A touch of me.

Each book is just that, a part of me. They carry a trace, a hint of me. 

So why not a scent of me as well? :)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Closet Pack Rat

Organizing life has similarities to organizing a closet.

You have to find a place for everything and make it look neat.

I realize my closet's not tidy and neither is my life.

So I decided to take a step and do my closet.

I have a closet organizer on the way and I've put some things in bins to go through at a later date. When I moved I got rid of a lot of stuff but I realized I still had baggage. :)

I'm a closet hoarder, in more than one way. I've been called a pack rat.

It's a common trait in my family.

I have a tendency to keep things that I should let go of.  They don't fit anymore but they have good memories and I think 'maybe'. But you know we can't go back. Nothing stays the same.

We have to move forward.

Sometimes we need outside things to help us organize and let go.  Hence the closet organizer I have coming. If my stuff doesn't fit, then I need to let it go.

Life is the same way, if it doesn't fit anymore don't hold on to it because of  'maybes'. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018



That elusive thing that we all want more of.

Life is full of deadlines. The trick is juggling everything so the important stuff is done and the rest can fall where it may without interruptions. Like the saying goes 'don't sweat the small stuff.'

Of course you got to decide what's small.  :)

Writing is of course a big thing to me. So it gets a large chunk of that precious time. Sometimes too much of it. My cat tells me when I've spent too much time at the computer. He jumps into my lap and rubs against me, telling me he's had enough of being ignored.  I close the program I'm working on and do something else, usually pet him. .

Reading whether for personal or online college reasons is another time consumer. Whether it's writing magazines or college texts or the guilty pleasure of fan fiction I read a lot in a day.

Then there's the normal everyday things--like cleaning.  Which I'm terrible at by the way. I'd rather spend my time on writing or reading and usually let things go a bit. Then I have to spend more time cleaning. I wish they'd hurry up and create that self-cleaning smart home. :)

Time just slips through my fingers.

And time is not consistent. They say time is fluid. Well, it doesn't flow at the same rate, that's for sure! Good times never stay long enough and the bad times seem to stay forever. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

the ole days

When I was a kid and up until I was in my twenties, my story ideas were hand-written.

I would get out a pencil or pen and flip open a notebook and scribble the idea down. We had an old Remington typewriter but I rarely used it unless I could scrounge up some paper for it. Everything was scribbled down in fifty cent notebooks or scraps of paper I found when the idea hit me.

In my twenties, I bought a typewriter. But I still had the tendency to scribble.

I had a 40 gallon tote full of paper with my story ideas up until five years ago.

I got a computer in my thirties but didn't really transfer my stories on to computer until I got my latest computer.  I added some stories here and there but didn't get serious until five years ago.  I had transferred about half the tote by then and threw away my kid/teenager story scribbles--Most of which were stupid kid stuff.

That computer went belly up. The mother board fried, but luckily I had taken it in an had decided to get a new computer so everything was transferred to the 'new' computer before the mother board blew.

So here we are.

I'm down to just a milk crate of story ideas still to go.  The tote is used for other things now..

I put the new ideas in a journal(still hand-written).  I can't seem to break that habit.

And to tell the truth, I really don't want to. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Table set-up

This is how I set my table for signings.

The brown table cloth is for the earth and the skulls represent the bodies she finds. The books are set on easels and I got both business cards out on this table with candy centered between them. I also got a special agent badge.

I'm thinking about changing the table arrangement.

 But to What? 

I need something that reflects the earth element and something to do with murder--maybe I'll keep the skulls.. A new table covering maybe. .

I like my table arrangement but it does look busy, cluttered a bit. What do you think?

Should I just put my books and business cards out and nothing else? Minimalist.

Or should I decorate a bit?

And with what?

I guess I'm going shopping when I get my check.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Day

This is what I woke up to three days in a row.

We're having our obligatory snow. Every year either in January or February we have either a snow or ice at least once.

It's still coming down. If it keeps going we might make a foot of snow. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

...and things

My Zombie short story/dribble is out.

The way I ended it gives your imagination a bit of room to picture what happened between the last two entries.  If it gets a good response I might make it into a book sometime in the future.

And maybe change the ending to make it into that book.  Otherwise it would just be a bit longer story. Death is a permanent ending.

I'm thinking about renewing my subscription to Writer's Digest. I had it for a year a couple of years ago then let it lapse. But I'd like to renew now.

During the write-in, I did a little over a thousand words so not too bad for me. If I can keep up that pace I can get these books done quickly.

Working on those next three books. Mortal Voice II, Deadly Flames, and Under the Dragon's Tail. Flames is in Chapt. 7, and Tail is in the next to last chapt unless something else rears its head while MVII is in Chapt. 2.  Hopefully they'll keep moving right along.

Meanwhile those story ideas/plot bunnies keep kicking me.

I probably have enough ideas to last into the next century. So far I've resisted them, just writing down the idea and keeping to my three stories. But those rear feet kick pretty hard.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


These are the raffles we have at the Write-In.

There is even a Barnes and Noble gift card!

This is part of starting the year off right. I wrote three pages so far in one story and a paragraph in another. I hope to get a chapt. done today.

I'm writing this during lunch.

Writing is always fun.

I like that we have a write-in during Jano. Jano is Sleuth's Inks version of NaNo. Which means it's a contest to get 50,000 words in a month or a novel done in a month.

Those who follow my other blog know about this as I usually do the Write-In and Jano every year. This year I think I'll skip Jano since I am no longer a member of Sleuth's Ink.

 I think I'll be able to have three books out this year if I can swing the cost. One is already done, a second is two thirds done, and the other is a third done. I also have Toby's book so it may be four books this year if you count his picture book.

I also got the first chapt. of Mortal Voice II done. So maybe five?  :)

I got several books on my computer that I want to finish as well as a milk crate full of written story ideas. It's hard to stay on track when all these story ideas/bunnies attack me. There are so many of them! And they kick pretty hard! :)

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year

A new year, A new palette.

I'm going to start off the new year right.  I had money in my pocket when the old year turned into the new. Hopefully that means this year will be prosperous.

I plan to get out at least two new books this year, one of which is already done. I'm working on three right now, two of which I'll be working on at the Write-In this Saturday.  One I think will be done by the end of the week if I keep at it. So two new books done before my birthday in February. 

Toby has a book soon to be coming out as well. Posts from his blog.

I don't know if I want to do Jano, but I will be going to the Write-In on Saturday. I've gone to it since I started going to the Writing groups. Even though I've slacked off the groups, I still plan to go. That's part of starting the year right.

Online College is also part of my new year starting right. I want to get a master's in forensic psychology or even a doctorate. Only thing I'm afraid of--well beside going back to school--is that my age will preclude me from getting a job in this field.

But I plan to start out with high hopes because the sky's the limit as they say.

Monday, December 18, 2017


We all have dreams.

Something we strive for.

I dreamed of writing a book and becoming as popular as Stephen King.

Then J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

I figured if she could do it, why not me?

More people need to follow their dreams, not let Reality interfere. Life is already hard enough without losing our dreams to harsh reality.

I finally realized at least part of my dream--publishing a book--in 2015. It didn't take off, but did gained a few followers. The following three books were all in the same series. There are four more books in this serial.

I'm putting out another book in the Voice realm. I have three in my head so far for this series.

I still dream of writing that one book that will fling me into stardom, but I realize that may never happen. But I may still earn a living from my books by sheer volume of books.  I've been told that sometime an author doesn't make it until they have out a lot of books, put their name out there.

One way or another I'm determined to get my name out there and recognized. I will be famous even if it takes me until I'm hundred. Dreams should never be given up on.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holiday season

The Santa Clause and the first Die Hard are old standbys. It's not Christmas until I see these two movies.

I can recite certain parts of Die Hard from memory and just hearing certain parts of Santa Clause, I can tell what's happening on screen  with my eyes closed.

I had them for years then I got rid of a lot of my DVDs. I kept only my Gamera movies because they were hard to find.

I plan to buy back these two movies. As I said, it's not Christmas without them. The snappy one-liners and inside jokes keep you entertained and smiling.

I don't have a tree nor do I really decorate. I take pictures of my cat with Christmas items and put them on FB, but I only hang a wreath on my door.I give cards and set the cards I receive on a cabinet door, but no tree or garland   Christmas is more a feeling than a physical thing to me. Don't need a tree or physical things to promote the feeling of giving.

Side note:

Who or what is Gamera, you ask?

Why he's a giant flying turtle!   :)

My friend Travis likes Godzilla, I like Gamera. Of course, like is a relative word. We are more obsessed. Him more than me.