Saturday, August 12, 2017


As you can see I messed around with this blog.

I still don't know what I want to do here.  I'm still just gliding along. 

I finished the Beverly Connor books I have. There's two more of her Diane Fallon ones I don't have yet but I really enjoy the seven I do. 

Just this week I went through my books and got rid of quite a few. I kept Connor's, Poirot, Holmes, The Count of Monte Cristo, and a couple of The Warlock In Spite of Himself books since they're my favs. I also have two Pern omnibuses, four Star Commando books, a few Andre Norton books, some supernatural romance, and a handful of horror books.  Streamlined my larger bookcase.

I had already gotten rid of all but the two upright bookcases and a smaller 2-shelfer.  

I have my author copies of my four books on a self of the second upright bookcase.

My two story idea diaries are in the smaller 2-shelfer next to my bed so I can write any dream down that might make a good story.

And my headboard is a bookcase.

So I got enough space for new books now.

I'll have to look up some books I've wanted on amazon. May be I can get them this time.

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